Tire Carousel Overview

Storing a large number of tires, while still making them accessible, can be a difficult task, because of their size, bulkiness and weight. The perfect solution to this problem is a vertical storage tire carousel. Storing tires in a tire carousel saves a tremendous amount of space and provides a safe, efficient and convenient way to access tires when needed.

A tire carousel is an ideal solution in facilities where space is at a premium, such as automotive dealers, auto repair shops, mass transit locations, aviation facilities and many others. It allows storage of a much larger number of tires in a much smaller space. Through the carousel process, tires are presented to the employee in an ergonomic manner, thereby speeding up tire retrieval and reducing the chance of injury.

Benefits of a Tire Carousel

  • Store more tires using less space
  • Easy access to tires
  • Reduced injuries because tires are presented to employee to maximize ergonomics
  • Take advantage of unused vertical space in facility
  • Free up space for other uses

Important Features

  • Depending on model, from 65 to 352 tires can be stored in a single tire carousel
  • Varying tire diameters up to 44" can be accomodated
  • Makes use of G2P (Goods-to-Person) which means tires are "delivered" to operator
  • Puts tire inventory in a single location

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