Automated Pallet Shuttle Storage System


Our Automated Pallet Shuttle is a high-density warehouse storage and retrieval system whereby an electrically-powered (rechargeable) shuttle uses a rail system to store and retrieve loaded pallets. This system reduces warehouse traffic (e.g., forklifts) and optimizes storage space significantly.

Instructions are sent by the operator via wireless software control. Each pallet is stored in the first open spot in the channel, while at the same time optimizing available space for pallet storage. This storage optimization technique minimizes damage in the storage racks, and also provides a safe and modern storage and retrieval system with great flexibility and scalability built in. You can expect to create at least 15% to 20% extra storage capacity when compared to standard racking systems.

For more information, please read our fact sheet, or call us at 847-955-0980.

Automated Pallet Storage Fact Sheet

Benefits of Pallet Shuttle Storage

  • Increased storage density
  • Maximum load lifted to maximum warehouse height
  • No requirements for super flat flooring, unlike other high bay systems
  • Reduced warehouse traffic = improved warehouse safety
  • Turn-key solution which can fit inside existing warehouse
  • Reduced energy consumption (no machine counterweights or warehouse lighting)
  • Interconnected racking structure = improved storage stability and safety
  • Reduced salary overheads
  • Improved pallet security
  • 20-year life span
  • Zero racking damage
  • Easily integrated into existing ERP systems
  • System will automatically maintain a pre-programmed stock management system such as FIFO or LIFO
  • Multi-directional pallet shuttles
  • 3300 lb. lift capacity
  • No lift height restrictions
  • Improved floor loading distribution
  • Basic MRP system as standard
  • System is modular and can be easily expanded
  • Pallet shuffling programmed to allow all pallets to be accessed at all times
  • Pallets can be added or removed to match throughput fluctuations
  • Automatic charging
  • Pallet preparation prior to busy periods
  • Low maintenance requirements