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Goods To Person Technologies - Which is Best For You?

Video 1: Horizontal Carousel Pick-to-Light

  • This video shows the top level of a two tiered system. Another pod of four is below.
  • Magic Warehouse software drives the on and off carousel pick process. Picking is supported by light trees & sort bars
  • Customer order totes are located on a take away conveyor. The methods & systems support urgent & regular orders
  • Orders are picked and aggregated from several zones (carousel pod and off carousel)
  • There are 11,000 items in the system. Many items are not bar-coded, and many require counting
  • The layout includes an assortment of bags for loose items. These items are picked into this assortment of bags
  • A label is printed for every pick. If there are multiple items per line, more labels can be printed on demand This method assures that every item picked, in any quantity comes with a label identifying the part as well as the order and client in this case.
  • Any information can printed on the label including dock location, packing station ID or order accumulation zone

Video 2: Horizontal Carousel Example Pick

  • Operator picking - counting - bagging - labeling and sorting at a rate of 4 lines a minute.
  • They actually print the old document and place a copy in the associated order accumulation tote, as a key to set up batches
  • You can see inefficiency associated with combining Magic Warehouse with the clients existing paper driven order documents (watch the operator lean over and write something as he completes a pick)
  • Going paperless would increase throughput (no hand writing on documents, less or no printing). However, this client chose to keep paper documents in parallel with Magic Warehouse automation.
  • Take-away from this video; Customer's 26 second pick- bag- label transaction is a reasonable if not conservative estimate when compared with this video which produces 1 pick-bag-label transaction every 15 seconds including a slow, "manual write" record keeping task
  • Customer would have to a large quantity of counted picks with a large number of pieces counted per line to exceed 26 seconds per transaction