Operational Research Studies (Pro-File)

AS/R Systems, Inc. has developed a contingency design approach to Profile© client operations into specific requirements prior to recommending new, specialized methods. We have found that there is no substitute for disciplined operations research (OR) prior to writing a scope of work (SOW). Data generated by this research is reviewed with the client for approval prior to incorporation into the final system design. AS/R's design/build approach provides diagnostic information required to fine-tune client-specific methods, configure a productive package of Magic Warehouse™ algorithms and custom motion controller interfaces, drive "best practice" methods, minimize "touch time" and maximize ROI.

One Time Slotting™ (OTS™) Product Slotting


As a Warehouse Manager you are probably overlooking one of the most cost effective ways to improve your operation. Reclaim existing space and use that space more productively and cost effectively! AS/R's One Time Slotting™ (OTS™) improves picking productivity and space utilization by matching your product to your unique storage and providing the information you need to "tune" your storage configuration to your current product mix.

What is OTS™ Product Slotting?
An AS/R specialist works with you, analyzing SKU cube size, sales activity, picking velocity and period of supply to develop a profile of your product mix. This profile is "mapped" to your current storage configuration to determine the "degree of fit". More importantly, recommendations regarding SKU slotting, revised storage configurations and velocity mapping, help you improve productivity with no capital costs.

Improves Warehouse Efficiency
OTS™ product slotting improves efficiency in your warehouse facility in two ways:

  1. Improved Space Utilization - OTS™ allocates SKU's to storage locations based on cube size, weight, picking period of supply, "hits" and velocity resulting in more efficient use of space
  2. Increases Picking Rates - Since SKU's are mapped to storage locations based on velocity prime pick locations are reserved for the highest velocity products improving overall picking productivity.

Operational Objectives

Each client has unique operational objectives and constraints. An AS/R applications specialist can help define and analyze objectives then factor them into OTS™ simulations to produce results tailored to your environment. Questions to be answered include:

  1. Picking period of supply
  2. Appropriate slotting techniques
  3. Replenishment requirements
  4. Effect of seasonal products
  5. Appropriate storage media
  6. Product grouping by selected attributes
  7. Optimal storage configuration for primary and overstock areas
  8. Effect of planned volume and product growth
  9. Special rules and procedures
  10. Moving to a New Layout in Existing or New Warehouse

In a new layout or a new warehouse, OTS™ provides the information needed to configure the storage system which best suits the cube, weight, issue qty. and velocity profiles of your product mix. Selection of storage modalities, carousel, flow rack and pallet rack can be made intelligently, supported with information from OTS™.

Labels Make the Move Easy
"Move From/Move To" labels for each slot facilitate the move to the new layout, resulting in a fast, error free move and no lost inventory.

Initial Product Slotting is a cost effective way to improve your warehouse efficiency. Whether you have a manual system or the latest computerized warehouse management system, a properly slotted facility increases your productivity. Reclaim your existing space and use it more productively.

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