AS/R Systems, Inc., founded by Doug Robertson in 1991, provides specialized system products and technical services delivering significant space and labor improvements to a wide base of distribution and production firms. Our clients have found that early attention to detail maximizes return on automation and integration projects. To insure first steps are made in the right direction, our team generally performs a Pro-FILE™ survey to map present operations and assess the degree of opportunity for new technology. This approach defines and validates ROI prior to investing in change. Our design team assists client staff understand how to apply new technology to optimize layouts, will prepare draft system specifications and prepare budget information clarifying expectations regarding costs to supply, deliver and install equipment along with related IT integration costs. When the system is running, our field service staff provides post installation support that insures customers benefit from years of continuous and satisfactory performance. AS/R clients generally experience paybacks within 6 – 18 months.

AS/R Senior Partner - Doug Robertson, BA.Sc., P.E., MBA
Doug Robertson, founder of AS/R Systems, Inc., began his engineering work at IBM in the Resource Planning department where responsibilities included operations planning, facility design and capital equipment acquisitions. It was Doug’s job to apply new technologies in developing cost effective material handling systems that delivered tighter inventory pipelines while using less labor and space. In 1980 Doug joined G.N. Johnson (a leading distributor of Raymond material handling systems), to develop, design and integrate systems for a broader base of clients. In 1982, White Storage and Retrieval asked Doug to join them in establishing the eastern region of a newly formed Canadian subsidiary; focusing on the integration of newly developed carousel based “pick to light” methods and solutions within distribution and manufacturing operations. In 1991 Doug left White and formed AS/R Systems Inc., transferring all specialized knowledge gained on the front lines of PC/network based carousel automation, into the rebuilding, installing and integration of AS/R’s products and services. Doug received his Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1978, a Masters in Business Admin in 1985 from the same school and is a licensed professional engineer in his home province of Ontario. Bottom line: Doug and his staff bring specialized knowledge, unique skills and years of experience to all that choose AS/R Systems, Inc.

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Canadian Office
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