wire carousel

Wire Carousel System

Wire carousels, offered by AS/R Systems, provide a motorized storage and retrieval system for wire, cable, rope, chain and any other material stored on spools. As with all AS/R Systems products, wire carousels optimize the use of available warehouse space, and provide a safer, healthier work environment by reducing the need for items such as forklifts, ladders and other methods of retrieval.

Features include:

  • Standard carousel models accommodate spool sizes up to 30" in diameter
  • Flexible carrier design provides near limitless internal configurations to meet varying SKU requirements
  • Can store up to 36 x 30" spools in 60 sq. ft., and larger quantities of smaller-diameter spools
  • Increases safety by implementing ergonomic storage and retrieval principles
  • Fully maximizes overhead space for storage to recover valuable floor space
  • Implements product to person principle to increase efficiency
  • Organizes inventory by centralizing it in one location