Since 1991, AS/R has perfected the carousel rebuilding process to provide an end product that functions like new. The staff at AS/R takes pride in knowing that each component is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and rebuilt to meet our high quality standards. Take a closer look at AS/R's rebuilding process.

Making The Case For The Original AS/R REBUILT™ CAROUSEL

Industrial Cleaning Of Structural Frame Including:

  • Bottom track, top guide track, plus top and bottom plates
  • Seal bottom track with lithium grease

Detailed inspection and testing of all mechanical components to confirm proper functioning

  • Load wheels, load wheel bearings
  • Guide wheels, guide wheel bearings
  • Load wheel zerk fittings
  • Bushings on top and bottom wheel shafts
  • Gear reducers, V-belts and pulleys
  • Drive chains
  • Chain tensioners
  • Bull nose sprockets
  • Pillow blocks
  • Top drive torque tubes, splines and spline plates
  • Inter-bin links and link pins with swivel bearings
  • Channel reinforcements
  • Bottom and top bin plates

Detailed inspection, testing and re-calibration of electrical and electronic components to confirm functioning

  • Drive motors
  • Count and direction sensors
  • CIB reference sensor & CIB reference sensor cable
  • 680 boxes and constituent electronic components
  • Recalibrate all components to original factory specifications

Replace or Rebuild Worn Parts

  • Recondition or replace excessively worn mechanical parts
  • Replace worn track sections
  • Replace and hone drive motor brushes

Repaint Track, Frame and Drives, Re-grease Track, Re-skid

  • Repaint carousel structural frames, bull nose sprockets, torque tubes and drive motor
  • Cover/seal bottom track with lithium grease
  • Palletize and band all track

Supply New Wearable Components

  • Provide all new bin fastener and installation hardware

Supply New Wiring Cut To Length (Optional)

  • Cable type(s), lengths, pin/head types, head installation preference (on/off) as specified by customer

Warranty And Customer Responsibilities

  • Limited warranty on all components, parts only, subject to return authorization and inspection by T-AS/R, sent to customer FOB Ridgeland, SC. Warranty excludes cosmetic paint scratching on shelves, backs and bin sides.
  • Customer/Installer responsible for local permits and: primary power hookup to units, final "in field" track sizing, motor taching, floor levelness and/or shims and grouting
Rebuilding process 1 (Rebuilt Motors).jpg

Rebuilt Motors

Rebuilding process 2 (Rebuilt Electronics).jpg

Rebuilt Electronics

Rebuilding Process 3 (Rebuilt Gearbox).jpg

Rebuilt Gearbox

Rebuilding Process 4 (Bottom Plates Ready to Ship).jpg

Bottom Plates Ready to Ship