Manufacturing Inventory Applications

Increase production floor space for value-added manufacturing activities & integrate with your ERP system to minimize parts shortage-induced production losses. Automate your inventory storage and parts movement to production including vendor controlled material, locally sourced parts, and raw material components from overseas suppliers.

Raw material shortages creating production stoppages or interruptions results in decreased production efficiency and lost business. AS/R Systems is well versed in pain associated with these issues, and delivers automated parts storage and handling systems feeding production to:

  • Consolidate parts room and toolcrib storage to create value-added manufacturing cells 
  • Deliver accurate inventory information to purchasing channels before parts shortages occur
  • Paperless, automated stock triggers from production
  • Material batch pick rates up to 10x faster than manual methods
  • Automated batch putaway after material inbound receipt and confirmation

Optimize your manufacturing floorspace and simplify your inventory storage and retrieval with AS/R's automated solutions.