Healthcare and Hospital Carousel Applications

With successful automated hospital fulfillment applications optimizing healthcare throughout the U.S. and Canada, AS/R Systems healthcare integration provides healthcare material management groups the leanest automated picking system design, ensuring quick material replenishment and PAR management for hospital central supplies, main operating room stock locations, and patient floors.

1) Direct to cart picking & automatic floor level requisition. AS/R Systems and our healthcare partners have developed secure, strategic cart integration to:

  • seamlessly record floor level requisitions
  • submit and manage purchase orders to the warehouse carousel and RF guns
  • create pick batches in a single automated process, passing usage back to the Enterprise Management System and hospital ordering systems
  • PAR, Kanban and other replenishment methods are all supported through AS/R’s Magic Warehouse.

2) Paperless picking both on-and off carousel. Pallet-full of IV’s or your most popular glove best suited to pallets? AS/R’s in-house software, Magic Warehouse, provides bolt-on RF gun picking capability to pick & replenish pallet rack flow, and shelve items throughout your warehouse.


Easily pick and replenish healthcare items using AS/R's warehouse management software with RF gun.